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The Collision of Old and New Ways of Cleaning Swimming Pools

May 16,2023 | AQUAFYSH

Anyone who owns a swimming pool knows that cleaning a swimming pool by hand is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Or hire someone from a cleaning company to clean up if you don't want to clean it yourself but it costs a lot.

The tools people use,

  • original brushes
  • hand-held pool vacuums
  • corded robotic pool cleaners
  • cordless pool robots,

have witnessed the advancement of technology.

Let's take a look back at the history of pool cleaning.

1. Manual Cleaning

Before all pool cleaning vacuums and robots were invented, people cleaned by hand, and the most effective tools were brushes and pool nets.

Pool nets for salvaging garbage such as leaves , brushes for cleaning the pool wall and the floor.

If you have actually cleaned your own swimming pool, you will find that it is an exhausting task although it's really cheap because you only need to spend money on tools.       

If you don't want to do the hard cleaning, you may hire someone from a cleaning company to do the cleaning, but it will cost you a lot of money.               

Key words: cheap, time-consuming, labor-consuming, cost a lot


2. Swimming Pool Suction Machine

Manual cleaning is very time consuming, it usually takes hours or even days to clean a pool. In order to improve cleaning efficiency, people invent swimming pool suction machines.

With this machine, the labor time is reduced and the cleaning effect is good.But there are still designs that can't meet people’s needs.

For example, you need to hold it to complete the cleaning. What's more? This kind of machine basically has a high-power power system, which means that it has a lot of noise. 

This kind of sewage suction machine is relatively bad in terms of storage, because they have long water pipes, which leads to the need for a lot of space for storage.

Therefore, ordinary families are reluctant to pay for this kind of machine, and then a new machine was produced——corded robotic pool cleaner.

Key words: perfect cleaning effect,hand held, noisy, need enough storage space


3. Corded Robotic Pool Cleaner

The birth of this new product liberates human hands.

Plug in the power, put the robot into the water, then it will work for you and you can enjoy your leisure time.

According to pool owners' different cleaning needs, major R&D teams have also designed some robotic pool cleaners that can climb pool walls. And most robots with this function are corded, because this design can provide enough power to clean the pool wall.

This corded robotic pool cleaner is currently the best-selling robotic pool cleaner in the world.

-All of the above products are corded robotic pool cleaners-

However some people worry about the risk of cord entanglement and the risk of power short-out.

Key words: enough power, time&labor saving, risk of cord entanglement , risk of power short-out

Is there a way to make the robotic pool cleaner cordless



4. Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

After years of research and design, the first cordless robotic pool cleaner has been produced in 2021. And the invention of it opens new chapter in pool maintenance. It fits all flat pools and 99% family pools.

And some companies have also developed cordless robotic pool cleaner with wall climbing function.

If you own a cordless pool robot, you have no worry about

  • the risk of cord entanglement and the risk of power short-out
  • tripping over wires
  • having no enough space to store

As a new star in swimming pool maintenance, the cordless robotic pool cleaner deserves to be known by more people.

Key words: total cordless,light weight, time&labor saving, safe, easy storage


In conclusion

The development history of swimming robotic pool cleaner can also be seen as the development history of human science and technology. In fact, the pool brush and pool net are still in use. Finding the best cleaning method for your pool is the most important thing.