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1.How to choose the best robotic pool cleaner for my pool ?

   There are many important factors that go into choosing the correct AQUAFYSH for your pool. Here is a simple form to help you to choose the suitable AQUAFYSH. If you need more information please contact us: service@aquafysh.com.


ELF08 Pro





Product Type



Ideal Pool Size

1076sq.ft(100㎡ )

430sq.ft(40㎡ )

Cleaning Coverage

Floor Only

Floor Only

Pool Surface

Max Slope 20 degree

Max Slope 15 degree

Pool Shape

All Shapes with Flat Floor

All Shapes with Flat Floor


Hall Motor

Power Suction Motor

Scrubbing Type



Power Supply

22.2V 4400mAh

11.1V 2500mAh

Working Cycle

Max 180 Minutes (77°F ambient temperature)

Max 90 Minutes (77°F ambient temperature)

Charging Time



Moving Speed(max)

472 inch/min

472 inch/min




Direction Adjustment




1 Year

1 Year


2.What's innovative about AQUAFYSH?

*Hands-free & Switch-free: Drop AQUAFYSH into the water and it starts operating;
*Cordless: Reduce storage hassles and avoid trip hazards;
*Long Time Usage: All AQUAFYSH core components are individually sealed for easy replacement and low maintenance costs;
*Labor-saving: When AQUAFYSH is taken out of the water, it will start dewatering;
*Better Cleaning: Low filter density makes good filtering effects, so that the efficiency in absorbing dirt is 50% higher than similar products per mAh. 

3.Can I use it in different pools?

  Yes, you can use it in ceramic tile pool, steel pool, polymer pool, resin pool and any other flat floor pools.

4.How to use the pool cleaner for the first time?

  Fully charge the AQUAFYSH firstly for 4-6 hours after remove the desiccant then put it directly into the water, and it will start to operate.

5.Will my pool cleaner always use the same path to clean my pool?

  Indeed, thanks to its advanced random steering algorithm, it will increases the itinerary automatically to clean to all corners of the pool.

6.Will my robot clean the stairs and wall?

  Our AQUAFYSH robots are not programmed to clean steps, benches, walls and tanning ledges. However it can easily climb an incline up to 15 degrees.

7.How long can I leave my pool cleaner in the pool?

  We recommend taking your AQUAFYSH out of the pool immediately after each use. Be sure to empty and rinse the filters. When not in use, keep your AQUAFYSH out of the pool and stored away until needed.

8.There seems to be something stuck in my tracks – how do I get it out?

  It will occur in rare instances. The robot will automatically turn when encountering obstacles. If the robot is stuck due to some special circumstances, please turn the robot or remove the obstacles.In this case, an adult can use a short hook to get the machine. However, if it is a child, it is recommended to buy a long hook to obtain the machine, to avoid the risk.

9.Can I swim while my robot is cleaning the pool?

  Not recommended. Although we use the highest testing standards and the safest product design concept to ensure the safety of product use. For your safety and the safety of others, we do not recommend entering the pool while the pool robotic cleaner is working.

10. What should I do if the robot doesn't stop automatically when I take it out of the water?
  Hold the handle and stand the AQUAFYSH vertically for 15 seconds, the AQUAFYSH will stop forcibly.

11.How do I clean my robotic pool cleaner?

  First of all, we recommend cleaning the filters and filter sponge after each cycle to make sure they last longer.

  Next wipe the whole AQUAFYSH with a dry cloth then put it in a shaded spot.

12.How do I properly store my robotic pool cleaner?

  After each cleaning cycle, for optimal maintenance, we recommend removing the AQUAFYSH from the pool and storing the robot and the power supply away from direct sunlight, excessive heat or cold to prevent accelerated wear and tear.

13.How long does it take to receive my order ?

   A shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email once the order has shipped. The carrier is DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/USPS. It takes about 1-2 business days to process the order and it may take 3-5 business days for your shipment to be delivered by logistics carrier. You can check your order on https://www.17track.net/ .For more shipping information, please send an email to service@aquafysh.com and we will reply to you in 24 hours.

14.How long is the warranty of my robotic pool cleaner ?

   All AQUAFYSH usually come with a 12-month warranty.You can find out the remaining warranty period by checking the product page description and order date, or you can contact our customer service directly. We provide lifetime support service.

15.How do I get replacement accessories ?

   If you need more other accessories, please contact our customer service,we will arrange local service team to help you. At the same, we will continue to put on sale of other accessories such as filter sponges etc.

16.How do I know if it has enough power ?

  There are three status. The first is ‘lock’ status. Automatically shut down at the end of a single operation.Operation locked, the red and blue indicator lights are flashing alternately, no operation available under this status. Unlock after charging. The second status is ‘Battery Low’. With low battery and red indicator flashing, it must be used after charging .The third status is ‘Power available for operation’.When the battery still has energy storage, the blue indicator is normally on and the appliance can be used.